30 november 2006: the end.

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finally i can let the cat out of the bag and let you know that i’ve participated in something called NaBloPoMo – a cute way of saying National Blog Posting Month. the challenge was to blog at least once a day.

i didn’t want to announce that i was going to participate way back on november 1, because that would just set me up to fail by the 3rd of the month if i admitted it out loud.

so this is the end of you hearing from my big mouth blog on a daily basis. it was a struggle some days to get a blog post in. kenny was extremely helpful, shuffling the boys into the living room and making up fun games to keep them distracted while i just needed 10 more minutes to blog…

december brings a lot of family advent and christmas activities. so the blog won’t be as active. but i’ll post from time to time to wish you a peaceful advent.