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we spent pentecost sunday with our good family friends in our old church this morning. there was a baptism and a lunch following the service, so it was the perfect way to spend the morning. when we returned home we spent the rest of the day doing what we love to do on gorgeous sunday afternoons…spend time in our yard! if we’re not cooking out and/or riding bikes at our local beach, you’re sure to find us in our yard. and the boys are sure to be with us, when…read more


memorial day parade

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adam clapped and clapped and clapped. he gave up waving his flag to  clap. he was very happy clapping for everyone from the clown to the veterans, to the vintage tractors. they were great marchers. they were more in step than the local high school’s marching band! the parade took place in a small town a few miles north of us. our house is just behind those hills behind me. see that girl in the orange tank just a few feet from sawyer? see how she’s holding a grocery bag?…read more



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i never knew how easy it was to make your own pita bread until yesterday. at some point during our first year of marriage, kenny gifted me with a gorgeous book on bread-baking. it wasn’t just any book, it was The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. if you’re a bit intimidated by bread-baking, i recommend you NOT get this book. i had been searching for a good bread-baking book because we were into our first year of marriage, and i wanted to learn how to make all kinds of breads. i had high hopes…read more


memorial day: memories of may

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we’ve been outdoors more often than in. the majority of the garden is in (with the exception of the tomato and pepper plants that were eaten by a vole last weekend). we’ve had a long stretch of hot weather and no rain, so we’ve been watering the newly planted garden and flower seedlings every night as the sun sets. it’s one of my favorite times of day – warm and heavy light from the western sky sun.  color is returning to the yard and so is my desire to redo…read more


i married a biscuit-lover

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it’s true. i married a man who used to eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast most mornings out of the week. it’s not my cup of tea, so i never really leanred how to make a good biscuit. i tried once, but i think i threw them out before i had a chance to serve them (hard, brittle, tasteless). i mentioned mary janes farm magazine in a post that seemed to have gotten lost in cyberspace this morning (stephanie, i did get your comment…i’m glad to see i’m not the…read more



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for the past two years, kenny and i have attended the state homeschool convention in harrisburg which happens to fall on mother’s day weekend. last year, being our first year, we were excited to have a day and a half alone together since kenny’s parents live not far from the convention and love an excuse to spend time with their grandboys, and we were excited to see what homeschooling “looked like” since we were fairly new to the concept and were only gleaning our information via web sites and friends…read more


world’s worst weeder.

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[i meant to publish this last week…never got around to it!] the past two weekends were gorgeous – weather in the high 70s two weekends ago, and last week, it reached temperatures in the high 80s. even though we played in the the sun as much as possible and enjoyed the heat (oh, how i enjoyed the heat! after being cold since early october, i stayed out of the shade and soaked up the sun), it felt too much like august, and not enough like april. this past weekend, it…read more