the simple life

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we are enjoying a very busy week this week what with two birthdays and a wedding, parties, rehearsals and perhaps a new car!

but our patch of life…our living garden, our chickens and bees, our time to sit and enjoy the homestead we’re building has been a bit neglected as we run from place to place, party to rehearsal, meeting to credit score check. and we’ve been running at this speed since summer started.

we have had a few moments to sit and reflect…this morning kenny and i drank our coffee on the deck while we watched a coyote “play” with a very sneaky and fast cat down by our row of pine trees. while we watched this, we remembered one of the big reasons we moved up here, to work the land and raise animals not usually “raised” within city limits, was to slow down. way down.  but we haven’t figured out how to.

i have a feeling that by adding more “simplicity” to our family homestead, we’ll be able to slow down more. sure, we’ll have more work, but it won’t be work that makes us sit in rush hour traffic. we won’t have to pile in the car and eat even more gas (that just keeps going up in price). it will force us to be home more (something i will WELCOME!), force us to travel “into town” much less, and force us to be home to use up all that extra milk (making butter one morning, yogurt the next, cheese another time). it will allow us time to sit and watch our animals graze, teach our children that our milk comes from cows, not the refrigerator aisle at the grocery store. it will allow us to be more hospitable to friends and family (something close to my heart!)

maybe this makes me sound pretentious. if it does, then i’m willing to sound pretentious.  i am a full believer that God put animals on this earth as gifts for humans to take care of. they aren’t to be protected from death, they are to be raised and used for food, for clothes, and for companionship. they are not to be abused; we are to be thankful (to God) for the gifts they are to us. they are not our equals, they are our gifts. and i don’t know one person who would take advantage of or abuse a precious gift. i want to be able to teach our boys how to be stewards of the gifts God gives us. all the different types of gifts we’re given, not just our talents or spiritual gifts…but the physical things we have been given.

i’m ready to work more ground, dig our heels in deeper, stay close to home for a while as we raise our family. i’m ready to slow down. way, way down.