#69 and #75

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here are the two lambs that will be delivered to us next weekend. (the two that are “kissing.”)

they are 3- and 4-months old and are known right now as #69 and #75. they wear their names on their ear tags. we will be naming these lambs because they won’t be slaughtered for meat – they’re going to be the beginning of our wool-producing flock.


over the first few weeks, we’ll be learning how to handle them, and will be hopefully halter-training them with the boys so that they’ll be just as comfortable with little humans as they will be with their big humans.

the farmers we got them from sent us home with spun wool for my mom, a pound of ground lamb from a romney (we’ll be grilling it tonight as burgers), and a huge garbage bag full of sheared wool from one of their romney sheep. i hope to begin washing it this week (when the sun comes back out!) and will document the process so that i won’t forget. it’s been fun doing the research, figuring out when to buy the right tools for the entire process, and now i’m ready to get my hands into it.

kenny and i are throwing around names…rowan and sawyer want to name them after themselves and i overheard sawyer telling his friend last night, “we’re only getting girl sheep because my mom wants the sheep. i don’t even know why.”