more menu planning

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i’m happy to be menu-planning again. if there are any specific resolutions that i make (and not the general ones i made a few days ago here on the blog), it’s getting a better menu planning system. i haven’t found anything to replace my handy-dandy notebook and pen with calendar system. i’d love an online database system that i can just add recipes to and it creates a shopping list for me. ironically, i’m married to a database and web systems developer. but i’ve already got his spare time filled up with looking for new blogging software.

any way…to kick things off, i thought i’d share this week’s menu with you. one of these days, the menu planning system will include all three meals AND snacks. when i get organized.

and is it completely obvious to you how i crave big green salads in january? they’re most expensive this time of year to throw together, but oh, how i crave them!

  • sunday – homemade pizza with salad
  • monday – chicken stirfry over rice with steamed edameme
  • tuesday – baked ham, scalloped potatoes, peas
  • wednesday – chicken coconut curry over rice, salad
  • thursday – angel hair with ground turkey red sauce, salad
  • friday – leftovers, salad
  • saturday – oven BBQ chicken with sweet potato and barley bake