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it’s just “menu planning” now and not “menu planning MONDAY.” because i’m actually posting this sunday night, and some of you might even be reading this on sunday night and i don’t want to confuse anyone. ya know.

our breakfasts were very relaxed this past week. i can’t pinpoint why, except that the boys have all started sleeping in really late. like 9:15 late (thursday-saturday) and we had a few days of sick boys and tired parents. so yes, it’s an excuse, but i will try harder this week. because i love the idea of warm, home-baked breakfasts most of the week.

monday breakfast: english toasting bread with nutella, mandarins

dinner: shepherd’s pie, big ol’ salad

tuesday breakfast: company muffins, mandarins

dinner: red lentil coconut curry over rice, steamed edameme

wednesday breakfast: homemade granola with yogurt or milk

dinner: Beef Stew over Irish Soda Bread, raw veggies with dip

thursday breakfast: cocoa wheats, toast, clementines

dinner: Sweet and Sour meatballs over Rice, big ol’ salad

friday breakfast: gingersnap oatmeal, strawberry-yogurt smoothies

dinner: LEFTOVERS (our dinner out was canceled again, due to illness in OUR family…so we’re having leftovers this friday night. maybe our plans for leftovers will be canceled and we’ll actually get out!)

saturday breakfast: daddy’s famous pancakes

dinner: spaghetti and meatballs, big ol’ salad, garlic breadsticks

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MIDWEEK UDATE: we had pakistani kima (from More with Less cookbook) for dinner last night and tonight, i wasn’t aware of a dinner meeting that kenny has neither was he), so i’m doing a pancake dinner again for the boys tonight while i have the big ol’ salad i didn’t make last night.

February 23rd, 2010 at 10:31 am

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