menu plan FTW (that stands for “For The Week”)

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it was only this past year that i saw the President of the United States referred to as “POTUS” and his lovely wife, the “FLOTUS.”  you laugh, i’m sure, at my late-coming to this knowledge.

am i the only one that thinks POTUS and FLOTUS sounds like a cartoon couple? and not a cool action hero cartoon, but more like “rocky and bullwinkle.” i’m not sure what they think of their acronym titles, but it can’t be good.

if i were to give myself an acronym title it would be “WEFA” which obviously stands for “Woman Equipped For Anything.” (what you didn’t know that? where on earth have you been?)

i’m definitely a WEFA this month as our grocery budget was challenged. we’re being creative with our meals this week and next. it is a blessing that a dear friend invited us over for dinner tomorrow, so i only have to be prepared for breakfast and lunch (WOOT!). and we have our monthly dinner co-op with friends on saturday…another “free-ish” day! without further ado…here is this week’s WEFA menu:

Monday: dinner at friends (dessert in hand: Butterscotch Blondies)

Tuesday: kenny’s out with the guys from church, so the boys and i will feast on Black Beans and Rice with homemade Chapatti (my brother daniel’s recipe),  Big Ol’ Salad

Wednesday: swimming lesson night! the boys are ravished when we return, so i’m making Sloppy Joes with homemade Rolls, Raw Veggie platter with dip (aka “salad dressing in a tiny bowl”…it’s amazing how much your kids will eat when served “specially.”)

Thursday: St. Patrick’s day celebration! Corned Beef (my friend Amy’s recipe), Mashed Potatoes with butter and mace (the spice, not the weapon), Irish soda bread, Guinness Chocolate Cake

Friday: African Chicken Stew (or as my niece Sadie calls it, “that’s some goooood chicken!”) over Rice, steamed Edameme

Saturday: Dinner group at a friend’s house. Homemade loaves of bread or dinner rolls to take

Sunday: Oven Baked Chicken with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Peas