7 quick takes…

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1. after several chiropractor adjustments over a two-week period, adam woke up with a  fever monday morning that lasted all day and into the night. by tuesday morning, he was fever-free.  we’ve since stopped treating fevers. in other words, we don’t use motrin or tylenol anymore when our kids spike a fever. we do everything else possible to make sure they’re comfortable and that their body is resting. i’ve learned a lot lately about treating illnesses naturally since the four rounds of antibiotics, i believe, did more harm than good to adam’s immune system! he has not had another ear infection since treating it with chiropractic and other natural means (garlic and mullein drops for ears, i used it on my ear after it clogged from swimming two days ago and it really helped unclog it! we’re also considering ear candling if adam complains of ear pain again).

2. I’ve vowed never to put wallpaper up in my home. EVER. Until today. I saw a home with an entryway just like ours and thought that it looked really tasteful and not at all tacky. It all depends on the print, I think. I think I’ll consider wallpaper for our entryway as long as we can find a nice print that compliments the red sitting/living room. Victorian style, of course.

3. Our furnace started smoking on Father’s Day. It was a few scary moments of electrical burning smell and smoke in the dining room until we figured out what the problem was. We’ve since discovered it’s a burned out motor on our furnace, which means that our central air is off as well. We need to decide whether to get a new motor on an old furnace, or a brand new furnace. Of course, it happens on the hottest, muggiest week of the year so far!  I can deal with it. Central Air is not a necessity.

4. One hot day this week, after sweating all day, we decided to go swimming once Kenny was done with work. it was GLORIOUS. We arrived just as all the day camsp were letting out, so it wasn’t crowded at all. All three boys loved the twisty slide and since it’s life-guarded very well, Kenny and I just treaded water and hung out at the bottom of the slide while the boys went over and over and over. It was a great way to end a hot day. We came home and grilled dinner – fairly late into the evening. It was a perfect summer day.

5. LOVE. Kenny and I have all but eliminated white sugar and white flour (and pasta and rice) from our diets. But from time to time, we treat ourselves to this.  MMMMMM….. the sea salt is our favorite, the black currant is delicious, and the chili chocolate is an experience!

6. we have an appointment this afternoon to have our family photo taken for our church directory. i’m wondering just where my head was when i made this appointment time. do you know how hard it’s going to be to keep the boys from looking like they’ve been running around outside all day, through the sprinkler, and through a poopy pasture? seriously, what was i thinking???  maybe we should all go in our farmer grubbies.

7. have i mentioned how much i am loving the summer???