school week 6, recap

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i know this blog has turned into a homeschooling blog. it morphed into it naturally because it’s pretty much what i think and breathe on a daily basis. if it’s not our family lessons i’m planning, i’m thinking about our homeschooling group’s field trips and co-op classes.

our homeschool group started a teaching cooperative this week that will meet every other week until mid December. this is the first time we’re doing something like this outside of just field trips. tuesday morning was our first gathering and i was exhausted by the afternoon!

we are focusing this semester on the colonial times of america. i am teaching the younger kids and there is an older kids class being taught at the same time by my friend jen which is a “reader’s theatre” event. we’ll close the semester with a big “as authentic as possible thanksgiving dinner,” joining the classes together and watching the older kids present their theatre piece. in my class this week, the students and i made butter as we discussed that colonial families had to make and grow and raise their food, very unlike today’s families. we then ate the butter on crackers – the kids’ favorite part of the class!

(i have very fond memories of doing a “thanksgiving dinner” in my kindergarten class and can even visualize pictures that someone took of the dinner. i think there were marshmallows and peanuts and raisins made into “turkeys” with toothpicks and dixie cups of apple cider. i even think i remember my mom was teacher’s aid that day.)

i was reminded by a homeschooling mom of teenagers this week to enjoy this time. she shared with me that she misses the days of taking her younger children to the co-op and looks back fondly on those days, even though she is enjoying the independence that her high school homeschoolers have these day. i love being reminded of such things, but i have to admit…i LOVE this time. i keep saying that each stage is my favorite, and i mean it! i love teaching and being with the boys and learning things together and trying to answer their questions about what we’re learning, diving into books and online information together. i love taking them to field trips and the co-op classes and seeing them make friends, interact with older and younger kids and adults. i love hearing what they’re learning when they tell others, and i love that i get to be there with them as they make these discoveries and learn these new things.

afterall…i’m re-learning things myself!


monday: rosemary garlic pork loin with green beans and salad

tuesday: chickpea and spinach curry over brown rice (not memorable!)

wednesday: mexican corn and bean soup, crackers; smoked apples with vanilla cream sauce

thursday: pork chops with gravy, new potatoes, green beans

* not much to report via dinners this week. it felt great not being sick, so i treasured the time in the kitchen preparing all our meals again! we had such cold rainy days most of this week, so we were stuck inside a lot. this weekend begins the big fall clean-up around the yard. lots of leaves!