school week 8, recap

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i hope to recap each or at least every other week of school this year so i have a better record of things we’ve done. pictures at the end of the post!  want to read more weekly wrap-ups of other homeschooling families?  check out See Jamie Blog today!

two full months under our belts already!  we’ve even “done school” on a few weekend days, so we’re way ahead of schedule already! this year is definitely flying.

as i sit to type up the weeks events i can’t help but be extremely grateful and thankful for our family life.  kenny and i celebrated our 9th anniversary this week by going out to dinner at an elegant restaurant smack dab in the middle of farm country. the next morning, kenny got up and left for work while it was still dark and i sat in the dark of our house waiting for the boys to stir…we had a great day doing what we always do: piano practice (that seems to go on all day long…the two older boys fight over their piano time all day long), math practice, reading time, read-aloud time, cutting/pasting/gluing, questions and answers, playing outside, eating together.  i smile most of the day because this is a place i never planned to be – i did have other plans for raising a family, but God, having such a great sense of humor, changed those plans to something far better than i could have dreamed up.

i’m not saying that what we do as a family is easy. it’s just that it’s SO. GOOD. and i’m so thankful.

~          ~          ~

our second co-op class at the library was this week. my class made corn husk dolls and i think they are the cutest things. sure, they have no faces and are a bit primitive, but they make a great fall table centerpiece. i have one more class before our co-op’s thanksgiving day party. i would love to hear from any of you who have memories of your own childhood classroom thanksgiving parties, or have participated in recent ones with children or grandchildren. we’re not looking for totally authentic…just a fun thanksgiving party for the students to remember learning about colonial days, and the first thanksgiving. any suggestions?

this week of co-op class, a spontaneous date at the park on a sunny afternoon with another family, great learning material and seeing a progression from dreading-reading-time to enjoying-reading-time in one of my boys, was the mark of this week’s fun.

~          ~          ~

my menu planning was completely changed up a bit this week. i will list what i had planned, and what i actually made, based on how i felt that day. i recently discovered the 365 days of crockpot cooking blog and wanted to try a few of her recipes, but i’m not a seasonsed crockpot cook. in fact, i’m not a fan of my crockpot, so i was so out of crockpot-cooking-practice that i forgot you need to assemble your dinner in the crockpot HOURS before dinner, and not at the typical dinner-prep time of 4:30. so, with that in mind, here was our meal plan for the week:

Monday: The plan was to have spaghetti and meat sauce with salad. But we all went shopping at 4:00 pm and end up feeding the boys (gasp!) McDonald’s at 6:00 pm since we were all still out. I forgot to eat dinner that night as I was unpacking groceries and tired by the time we returned. Please note: I never forget to eat dinner. I love eating. This is was not normal.

Tuesday: Our anniversary dinner!  I made the kids their favorite spaghetti (“Daddy’s Famous Spaghetti” which is really Kenny’s version of alfredo sauce over pasta) and they had Mama’s Famous Applesauce for dessert. I had a lovely Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Hazelnut Chicken with butternut sqaash bread pudding with a Pinot Noir. Kenny had Snapper Soup (yes, that’s turtle), and Sausage and Mushroom Pasta with a Scotch. We were too full for dessert but got some any way and shared it with the boys the next day.

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan in the Crockpot. I actually remembered to start this early in the day (whew!) because I added frozen chicken to the crockpot. If I had to defrost the chicken and then add it to the crockpot, I would have made this on the stovetop instead. It was easy and delicious and the chicken so, so tender! We had it with cucumber slices and homemade breadsticks.

Thursday: (We were meant to have Mollasses Brined porkchops with pumpkin biscuits. Didn’t get to the brining in time!)  Baked Cavatelli with ground turkey sauce, salad. I made this recipe up, so I have no link to share.

Friday: Tonight’s dinner I’m very excited about: Mulligatawny! I might get some bread started this morning if I’m feeling adventurous. Or we’ll have it with toast and salad. We were meant to have it on Wednesday, but the Chicken Parmesan was a faster crockpot recipe than the soup (4-6 hours on high versus a slow 8-10 hours).

Saturday: Leftovers!