the smell of fire upon me

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the boys and i spent the day with 30 other students (and their parents) at a local conservancy that was “established for the purpose of providing an environmental and cultural education center for the community.”

our field trip was led by a local historian who provided our group an incredible hands-on learning experience. in our entire field trip, all the students were able to participate in cooking over fire, dipping candles, spinning wool, gathering apples and pressing them for cider, blacksmithing, wheat harvesting and planting, and we got to watch a replica of a revolutionary war musket being loaded and fired several times.

the boys pose with a revolutionary soldier:

pressing apples that all the kids gathered from two apple trees on the Conservancy’s grounds. this is a homemade, antique apple press:

The outdoor cooking fire:

The  barn on the grounds:

Big ol’ musket:

The students lining up to weed and plant wheat berries for harvesting next spring:

the trip ended at the open fire where we were shown how they melted material down for musket balls (bullets). the tools he used were blacksmithed at the Conservancy, and were authentic replicas of tools and molds used so long ago.

i still smell of the fire…the perfect smell to go with such a perfect fall day. what a blessing today was!  the perfect field trip on the perfect day. and i got to spend it with my boys!