what we learned the week mama was sick

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(i was away for the weekend, so didn’t get around to posting last week’s recap until today!)

i went to bed last monday night with a sore throat, and woke tuesday morning with a sore throat and fever. after seeing kenny off for work, i crawled back in bed and waited for an hour and a half to when the kids would wake up. i took a deep breath and mentally prepared myself for the energy I’d need to get the kids started on the day. mornings are usually a very busy whirlwind of activity.

but the whirlwind never came.

all three boys walked into my room, saw their mama still in bed and knew there was something different. i told them that i wasn’t feeling well and that i would need their help all day long. during a typical school morning, we start around 9:00 and all the kids are dressed, their beds are made, and we start right in with bible class. today i let them watch tv while i got my teeth brushed, took some more zinc and pulled a comb through my hair. when i asked rowan to help adam get his clothes on and help him make his bed, he did it without complaining!  sawyer ran downstairs and got the bowls and spoons and cereal out. i didn’t even leave my bed. they all ate, cleaned up and then started playing with legos.

an hour later (yes, an hour! they kept themselves occupied with legos and markers, crayons and construction paper for an hour!), adam walked upstairs saying, “mommy how you feeling?” then he handed me a card that he made, one by one, the boys came up with papers that they made. by lunchtime they got all the lunch stuff out and i came downstairs to help with the sandwich making to which sawyer responded: “mommy, I can make your sandwich. aren’t you going back upstairs to eat your lunch in bed?”

i walked upstairs, crawled back under my covers and ate the most delicious luncheon meat and cheese sandwich i’d ever eaten in my entire life. even if it didn’t have brown mustard, lettuce, and black pepper. 😉

by this time, i had emailed kenny several times telling him how proud i was of them. they were building such strong characters of service. they were truly happy to help me and each other. that afternoon, the two older boys were busy making clues on scrolls that would help “someone” find a treasure chest. sawyer has been writing out words lately, but rowan has never wanted to write words on a piece of paper outside of “spelling” class. so i was surprised when he spent a good hour and a half with his paper, scissors, pen and the list of phonograms “just in case i get stuck on a word.” their scrolls were brilliant, even if they had some spelling errors. i can’t get them to write like that in school!  they might get the right spelling during our spelling dictation, but a creative fun activity that keeps their brains thinking about sounds? it was one of those moments where i was able to step back and see progress in their learning outside of lesson time.

this was the best day of unschooling we’ve ever had!

my mom stepped in a took the boys wednesday morning while i went to the doctor and slept most of the late morning. during the afternoon, we did history, continuing in our Christopher Columbus book. i love this history curriculum because doing a lesson is basically like snuggling up in bed with the kids and reading. one of our favorite activities! they did their journal coloring and we called it school!  they continued to write more scrolls, and spent most of the afternoon writing new words in them.

i learned a lot this week. my biggest teaching lesson was that a schedule is really helpful to keep us on track, but it’s not always necessary to be so rigid with a schedule. even though that’s not for everyone, it really worked for us this week. i was so glad to see relaxed learning and i’m relieved that i could get through the days when i was most sick without kenny being here to pick up my slack. they boys are getting old enough to keep themselves busy without getting into too much trouble, and i’m beginning to trust their actions without being with them constantly.

the dinner menu was scant this week – leftovers and a pork loin my mom gave us for wednesday’s dinner.  one recipe i can share is an “martha stewart oldie but goodie” we used to make back in our old house’s kitchen a lot: Almond Crusted Chicken.  I canned 9 jars of applesauce on Monday and we ate two jars already. The boys can’t get enough of it (I love hearing Rowan say, “I just love Mommy’s homemade applesauce!”  because he’s our pickiest eater!)

i hope your weeks were as productive and filled with learning fun as ours was!