november 17 ~ thankful

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i’ll be the first to admit that our meals (and meal times in general) are not perfect. they are not perfectly well balanced, vegetables are spat out, full white pasta is preferred over whole grain amongst the littles, and there is a fair share of leveraging for eaten meals in exchange for being excused from the table.

there are evenings that i’m so tired of BEGGING our youngest to eat, tired of the complaints that this is “SO NOT MY FAVORITE MEAL” and a little tired of the silliness that ensues when we’re sitting around the table come 5:30 or 6:00 every night.

but…at least we are all sitting around the table every night. i know that this could change once we get more involved in outside activities but we have set the standard high since the beginning of our family: eating together, most meals of the day.

i’m thankful that we all expect a dinner at the kitchen table every evening together. i’m thankful that i enjoy cooking. i’m thankful that my husband is a great cook and cooks for us on occassion. i’m thankful for the times we share our table with friends and family. i’m thankful for a big dining room table around which we can share meals with others. i’m thankful for food, family, fellowship.

and obviously alliteration. 😉