november 18 ~ thankful

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there was a fabulous lady in my old church named florence. she recently passed away but not for lack of living!  this woman lived to 100 (at least!) and each day, she lived like it was her last ever since i knew her (we were introduced about a decade ago).

she knew movie trivia better than anyone i knew. we met for lunch several times and she treated me to a viewing of Gone with the Wind at a local theatre (my first time seeing it).  one day, when her eyesight began to go, she invited me up to her apartment and gave me her sewing machine. it was roughly 50 years old and portable but she said i was bound to use it more than her, so it was mine if i would just carry it out of the apartment for her.

and so began my love of sewing.

the machine has since died (the motor, i think…), but i still have it. perhaps one day i’ll have it serviced and it’ll be like new again. i have a newer machine now that enables me to do basic sewing and i’m thankful for it. but nothing beats a sturdy green machine given as a gift from a woman who knew how to live.

i’m thankful for the times i spent with florence, and her gift of a sewing machine. i’m thankful for the time i have these days to sew…and for boys who beg to press the pedal, or flip the “reverse” switch while i sew. it can be a bit annoying to have three boys hanging over your shoulder…but when i get annoyed by these things, i instantly remember how thankful i am that they’re there with me, not dis-interested in what i do. yet. 🙂