paying better attention ~ the boys

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one would think that as i spend every single day, all day long, with my three boys, that i would have had the time to really know them inside and out.

this is partly true. i know them very well: i am learning their different learning processes, i know how they’ll react to a certain subject, i can partially protect them from disappointments by planning ahead….but there are things that i don’t really know. for instance, rowan and sawyer, being 14 months apart, are incredibly close and know each others’ expressions and laughs and “code words.” and i don’t. i’m not privy to that part in their lives. so be it. this is fine. this is their brother-speak, and i love that they are close.

but i need to pay better attention to them when they talk to me. i need to ask them questions and wait out their answers instead of filling in their half-spoken sentences. i need to sit and focus my attention on their thoughts and their interpretations of events, stories, experiences.

one of my goals this year is to pay better attention to many things in life, but especially to my boys. i spend a lot of time figuring out their emotions (parents kinda have that built into them) but i don’t listen to them enough. i don’t make time for their answers…i rush through their answers. they are creative little minds running through life and growing so fast. i want to hear the stories they make up, write them down, and keep them forever.

i want to know what their questions are, take time to answer them, ask them questions about the answers we give them, dig deeper and pay attention to their inquisitive sides better.

it’s not that i don’t already do this. but i want to do it better.

and mostly, i want them to know that i am listening.