lent ~ from/to dust…

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i hope your fat tuesdays/mardi gras celebrations were fun and fat! first of all, this is for my friend heather:

here are some posts that other, more-together bloggers have put together regarding practicing Lent in your home:

~~ kerry at A Ten O’Clock Scholar always has great ideas….

~~ as does jessica at Homemaking Through the Church Year…she is also hosting a read-together of Purgatorio during Lent.

~~ rachel held evans has a list of 40 ideas for Lent if you’re still searching for ideas on how to observe and celebrate the days before Easter.

as for our family, we are adding to AND refraining from/fasting in ways that we can together. i remember last year reading an ecouragement to really fast from food, as did the early disciples. to paraphrase something i read at Ten O’Clock Scholar: “the early christians and followers of jesus didn’t fast from scroll-reading, they fasted from FOOD…a necessity in their daily life.” shame on all of us if facebook and television has become a necessity in our lives from which we need to fast!

my focus will be on feeding my family whole foods, all the time. taking time each day to lay out a menu that reflects our stewardship of the earth, our budget, and adds to our health. i hope to find some amazing new recipes to share. perhaps eating well doesn’t “mesh” with Lenten fasting. i look at it as such: if the majority of the world rarely eats meat, refined sugar, and water is a prized possession, we have become so used to eating like royalty and not realized OR appreciated it.

may you have a blessed Lent…allowing your soul to make room for the realization of the need of Christ.