farm update

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the lambs are growing so fast…as they always do. i am finding it harder to catch and lift them like it was so easy to do those first few days. in a few short weeks (even less!), i will no longer be able to lift them up and feel their soft little noses. they will be teenagers, bounding about the pasture without a care in the world.

it’s so fun having more than one lamb in the pasture this year (we only had one last year) as we constantly find the two lambs chasing each other, hanging out together, playing and walking together. they always find their mamas after several minutes of playing together, and then they are exhausted and settle into some straw for a quick nap.

i love that last photo: rosie is totally smiling, isn’t she?

we are still feeding all the animals hay to allow our main pasture to grow lush before putting them out on it. hopefully in the next few weeks, we will have our secondary pasture (below the pine trees that line our property) built and we’ll have a better pasture management system in place for this year and coming years. we’ve spent more money than we ever wanted to on hay this year (normally, they would be pure pasture-fed by now) and we want them out on the pasture much sooner next spring.

soon we will get our garden started. it’s been such a cold, wet, dark spring that we haven’t done much of anything out in the yard (except pick up a trillion sticks from those winter winds). i’m so eager to plant and organize the yard again.

with the heat of the sun on my back.

mom and i skirted two of our fleeces over the weekend. skirting is the gross work: picking off poop and stuck-on hay in preparation for washing. we’re taking the two fleeces to a local processing farm this year. hopefully they’ll be able to spin daisy and violet into some gorgeous yarn for my mom to work with soon! (above is violet’s fleece. she is a romney sheep).