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friday night is always pizza night here. i make two separate doughs – one with half whole wheat flour and one with all whole wheat flour. the boys gobble up their specially-made pizza (rowan’s section has no cheese on it, the other two boys eat just about anything on theirs), and kenny and i share the gourmet, olive-oil, herb, whole wheat crust, tomato and specialty cheese pizza with a good strong red wine, and green leafy salad. i love pizza nights. we haven’t had a real pizza night in a few weeks, but we’re back at it this weekend, i hope!

the past few saturdays  i’ve been trying out new recipes. this past saturday i was totally uninspired, so  i resorted myself to making breakfast for dinner. as i was getting out the eggs and bread to make scrambled eggs and toast, i remembered that i had a few very ripe bananas on hand, so i whipped up a batch of banana bread, sprinkled in a few mini chocolate chips and popped it in the oven. i abandoned the scrambled eggs and toast (knowing full well that my super-taster wouldn’t eat a bite of it) and decided on “Banana Bread French Toast” for dinner – a truly decadent dinner, and one that does not invite dessert at its table.

all three boys inhaled it. how could they not? it was the sweetest dinner they ever had!  they had been “suffering” through grilled meat and salad dinners all week (my ideal dinner!), so i felt like spoiling them a bit with a fun dinner.

my changes to the recipe: sucanat or demerara and white whole wheat flour in the banana bread recipe, and i added just a few tablespoons of mini chocolate chips). a bit of real maple syrup and whipped cream on top, and they were in dinner heaven! serve it with a fruit salad or just a sliced banana on top. also, make sure you let the banana bread cool fully (make it well ahead of time and not right before you want to make the french toast) or else you’ll have soggier, falling apart piecees of french toast (it still tastes great, though!).