seven quick takes

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*this week was VBS at our little local church. this was the 4th VBS that the older two boys have gone to there, and it was adam’s 2nd year. as usual, they all loved every minute of it. i’m glad that the older two don’t feel that they’re too old for something like this. i love going early to pick them up and watching them get really involved in the singing and dancing to the music. makes a momma proud.

* i mentioned this on facebook a while ago: kenny and i can’t get enough of the British show Doc Martin. we’re nearing the end of season 2, and i just noticed that it will only be available as “watch instantly” on netflix until july 6th. i think the first three seasons are available on hulu.  not only is it a quirky “big city doctor meets small seaside village,” but the writing is great: the storylines in each episode are so clever, and the dialogue and character traits are so charming (especially that of Doc Martin). i wholeheartedly recommend you begin watching TONIGHT.

* just because i’m a conservative woman…doesn’t mean i support a sarah palin or a michele bachmann presidential run. in fact as of right now, i wouldn’t vote for either of them. i believe in their politics, just not their leadership.

whew! glad i got that off my chest.

* i’m addicted to the runner’s high. and the running part is getting more and more enjoyable as well. for the past few runs, i’ve had to cut them short for rain (i’m afraid of ruining my android in the pouring rain, and i use it as my music and workout tracker (CardioTracker). i’m open to suggestions on music/cardio tracking devices that hold up in the rain!
since i’ve been stretching before and after my runs AND since i’m running in good running shoes, i’ve had no knee or ankle pain at all. i’m considering doing a 5K in july to get ready for the bigger 4 mile run/walk in august that i originally thought would be my first run. i think i’m ready to just dive in and get running in public. 🙂

* i saw a recipe for tostados recently and i have been craving them ever since! at book club yesterday, the hostess served us these great margarita jello drinks complete with salt on the rim of glass. also, apparently i am addicted to chips and salsa. or chips and texas caviar. or chips with sour cream. summer always brings out the mexican foodie in me. kenny and i once made homemade tamales after having them in Colorado. and one summer we were on a “Huevos Rancheros” kick. and now that it’s friday…i’m ready for a really good margarita!

* i have done absolutely zero planning for the upcoming school year. this is strange for me because i’m usually on it by now. we have done absolutely zero “courses” and i’m so much enjoying our time off. so are the boys. i’ve met a lot of homeschoolers lately who work through the summer and for a while i thought we should probably do that as well. but, on serious consideration of it, i am so glad we’re a “summers off” family.  i know i’ll have some reviewing to do in the fall, but by that time, we’ll all be ready to work again. at least i will.

* here is a picture of adam’s birthday cake. he designed his entire party!