still a blogger!

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i swear…i really am still a blogger!

…it’s just that summer keeps us busy and less contemplative. okay, so i’m still contemplative, but i’m doing blog posts in my head, and not on my laptop while the temperatures soar well above 80 (heaven!)…

i hope you are having a great summer like we are: endless days of swimming, sunning, reading, playing, swimming, playing, friending, swimming, sleeping-in, swimming, playing, traveling, swimming, grilling…and…SWIMMING!  we’re enjoying time with great friends, i’m reading some great books, and i’m enjoying pushing the envelope of my “comfort zone” (more on that in another blog post).

i promise to be back regularly once september rolls on in. until then, i’ll think about how to update the blog on how I, a 38-year-old woman, think summers are getting better and better as i age. how can one not be perfectly happy in the season of sunshine, smiles, and SWIMMING?

so much to share….