thirty one days/ day 4 ~ our reason for homeschooling

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i’m sure some of you have heard the “rebuttal” that is said in contrast to hillary clinton’s “it takes a village to raise a child.” (“i’ve seen that village and it’s not raising my child!”). i don’t like it either: the anger and, dare i say it, hatred spewed from the mouths of homeschoolers aimed at public schools. i’ve never entered into that conversation because i don’t believe it. we don’t believe it as a family and i won’t tell my boys that public schools are bad. because it’s not…read more

thirty one days/day 3 ~ liturgy for our daily work

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there are days when it comes so easily, so naturally – words of gratitude from my lips, for all the fullness of life around me: i’m a mother, a wife, a teacher, a homekeeper. other times, and sometimes more often than not, i need a bit of coaxing to be thankful for the fullness, the mess, the chaos: another sink full of dishes, another messy table from a chaotic meal, and a full dishwasher waiting to be emptied for the second time in one day: the motions of a busy home….read more

thirty one days/day 2 ~ rest

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what a great way to energetically kick off a new blog series:  “welcome!  now, let’s rest.” today is sunday.  in the judeo-christian world, sunday is a resting day. when was the last time my sunday was a true sabbath?  i usually spend sunday afternoons/evenings planning for our week: meal planning, homeschool planning, schedule planning, grocery planning. i find the quiet and the lack of schedule activities on sundays the perfect time to sit at a table, spread out my recipes, curriculum, planner and grocery lists, pour a hot beverage or…read more

31 days…

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october has long been my favorite month. there is so much pastel beauty in the spring, vibrant primary colors in the summer, but fall is reserved for oranges and rusts, reds, and browns…colors that i’ve always found comfort in. this month, i’m taking part in a blog series called “31 Days” hosted by several bloggers, but is the brainchild of The Nester. i’m excited and daunted once again at the prospect of posting every day in the month of october…but i’m on a roll of breaking out of my comfort…read more