officially a non-preschooler family

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Since the minute I found out we were pregnant with Rowan over 9 years ago, our world has been full of finding space and time for…newborns, toddlers, onesies, homemade babyfood, tactile learning, pincer grasps, crawling, vaccinations, Baby Einstein, Word World, and Veggie Tales.

We are now officially past all of that. Well past all of that. When I (slightly jokingly) suggested earlier in the week that we snuggle up and watch an Elmo video together, all three of the boys scoffed and yelled how “babyish” Elmo is. Then I suggested (again, jokingly) that we curl up with some Baby Einstein videos and they all looked at me with a blank stare.  How could they possibly have forgotten the hours of brilliance we watched together with classical music and moving toys on the screen? Weren’t they ever-so-slowly becoming baby geniuses? (By the way, you can now watch full episodes of Baby Einstein videos at youtube)!

Of course there are days where I have a hard time with all this time passing quickly. But honestly, I love each and every stage so much, and the life of parenting boys just gets more and more exciting as they get older. Sure, I look at old photos of diaper-bulging onesies and toothless grins, mashed peas all over a smilng baby-face and videos of the sweetest little baby voices. but now I get to have honest-to-goodness conversations with those smiling boys. I love being with them every day as they grow up!!

My last pre-schooler, five-year-old Adam’s only goal in life is to catch up with his brothers in all things academically. He’s very committed to his reading and math because he like being able to sit with a book like his big brothers have been doing recently. He is about to finish the 9th book in the Fly Guy series:

He’s begging for “more math!” each day as his math lessons aren’t long enough. He whizzes through the worksheets, so we’re playing more of the math games that come with our curriculum, and i’m finding some adding practice for him that he does if he feels his math lesson wasn’t long enough. After his lesson on place value, he practiced addition with an angry-bird “color-the-sum” activity.

Today, for Presidents Day, we all did an “Abraham Lincoln fact-craft” and we read one of our favorite books, George Washington’s Breakfast. This is Adam posing with his Ab craft:

It’s a little blurry, but these are the facts that we listed inside the Abraham Lincoln top hats. he read the dates as “one thousand eight hundred and sixty one” instead of “eighteen sixty one.”  i couldn’t bring myself to correct him as it was only a reinforcement of his place value lesson earlier this month. later on i’ll help him read the date correctly:

When Rowan and Sawyer were finishing up their Lincoln facts and I was telling them that Lincoln was the First Republican President, I asked them if they remembered what the other majority party was in our political system. Sawyer said, “Hermetrats!” I don’t know where he came up with that answer, but there you have it, the country according to Sawyer: Republicans and Hermetrats.

(For the record, he does not know what political party to which we belong, nor do the boys know our political leanings. At this age, they need only to know the facts, not their parents beliefs. They love President Obama, and we wouldn’t have it any other way at this age.)