running thoughts (III)

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a week and a half ago, i injured my toe. i’ve talked enough about it that i’m sure you know which injury i’m referring to.  the morning after injuring it, i was aching to go for a run. but i could barely put any pressure at all on the toe. i couldn’t even put a sock over the toe without yelping in pain.

i knew i had to take it easy, and not do any form of exercise until my toe felt much better.

eight days after the injury, i was back at the track and ran a full mile before stopping to walk. i know that’s peanuts to the majority of you reading, but it was encouraging to me. this morning, after a cup of black coffee, and a few almonds (for energy) i went back out and clocked a mile and a half. that’s half of a 5k!

what i learned from the toe injury: “i don’t feel like it” will never be an excuse not to run. i will run every opportunity i have. because i can.  when you have a real reason for not running, all you want to do is run. “i don’t feel like it” is an excuse, not a reason.

so get out there – pound that pavement! dance your run!