happy camping

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our family of five enjoyed survived our first camping overnight this past weekend! the last time kenny and i camped was when sawyer had just turned 1, and rowan was 2. that was much easier, and from what i remember, we were serenated by screech owls all night long.

the older boys had a cub scout overnight this past weekend, and i decided at the last minute to join them (since other families were camping, and it wasn’t just a scout camping night).

we arrived friday evening around 6:00 and immediately pitched our tent. we have a new 8-person tent that is easy to put up, and the boys helped kenny so i could snap pictures. the boy scouts were busy starting a fire while we pitched camp, and then the boys found the rope swing, which kept them and their friends busy for at least the next three hours. until the marshmallows were opened. kenny and i didn’t leave the camp fire from 7:00 until 10:30 as the temperature was dropping rapidly.

the low on friday night: 28 degrees farenheit. that’s FOUR degrees below freezing.
the last time i camped, we did not have an air mattress. this time, kenny packed our queen air mattress (for my sake, i’m sure!). i was looking forward to sleeping on cushy air this night! unfortunately, when we got to our tent at 10:30, we noticed that our air mattress had a hole in it, and it was already nearly deflated.  time to put on my “happy camper” face and just get through the night. we were all armed with mummy bags that were rated to 20 degrees, i changed my clothes to warmer clothes and put on wool socks. the boys hunkered down into their bags and fell asleep and slept most of the night (a few bathroom breaks here and there). i found out right away that mummy bags make me claustrophobic. that’s not good when any exposed skin inside the tent immediately started to freeze. it was either claustrophobia, or freeze. i guess i chose the latter, as i froze all night long.

what got me through the night was thinking and then praying for all those who were having more uncomfortable nights than me. occassionally i thought about how katniss could survive the lows temps without a sleeping bag in the arena, and then i realized that was fictional. then i was thankful that at least the boys were sleeping soundly.  the night could have been so much worse, even though i was the coldest i’ve ever been, and you know how i don’t like to be even a little bit chilly!
when 5:30 rolled around, i think i had about an hour of sleep total for the night. kenny woke up and i told him it was already 5:30 – time to get up!  problem was, neither of us wanted to get out of our sleeping bags. i sat up and covered my head and he finally put on layers and started his camp stove for coffee. fifteen minutes later, he handed me a travel mug full of camp coffee: it was the best cup of coffee i ever had!  better than seattles best, better than caribou. i drank it inside my sleeping bag in a sitting position. i finally got warm enough to change into my clothes and met him at the campfire where he was heating up more water for the boys’ oatmeal.

i then drove home. i know, i’m such a wimp!  i waited to make sure there was a roaring fire for the boys to warm up at, since they weren’t starting off warm. rowan didn’t leave the fire, and the other two boys didn’t have much energy for the morning activities either. i drove back to pick them up at noon and we were all home, showered and thawing out by 1:00 pm. the fireplace, the hot shower, our warm pajamas all day long was a welcome treat after such a cold overnight.

the bottom line is: the boys had a great time. friday night at the campfire, eating s’mores and roasting marshmallows, playing with their friends on the jungle gym and rope swing kept them busy and warm. saturday morning wasn’t very fun for them, but it wasn’t enough to keep them from camping again! they’re excited for their next camping trip already!