hobnob theatre co. production #2: The Tempest

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we put a show on stage and then to rest all last month.

these past weeks of not being in the theater, not making and checking off a to-do list, and not touching up last minute props and costumes, set pieces, and lighting cues have given us wide open days without a schedule. we’re weary but anxious. it’s hard putting away the set into a storage unit, folding away costumes that just a few nights ago adorned characters on a stage who just about perfectly told a 400-year-old story to a 21st century audience. and moved that audience to laughter, some tears, and much adoration.

we knew that a local production of A Christmas Carol would not be a hard sell for our local city theater scene. we were unsure how well we could sell a Shakespeare production on a stage that seats 442 in the audience. but we worked hard to make that production beautiful and moving, even if we were playing to houses of only ten people.

fortunately, we had about 200 people on opening night, and just over 100 on closing night. it’s more than we were expecting, but still, slightly disappointing when we witnessed how much work went into the production on so many levels. the actors put hours and hours of time into memorizing their lines, watching staged and movie versions of The Tempest to develop their characters. the set crew put hours of time into building realistic trees and cliffs and rocks. the costumes were built out of love and careful design.

and yet, it was worth all of that, for both Kenny and me, to see a gorgeous script come to life on a stage by incredible actors, and have an audience reaction we could only dream about.

we have received emails from patrons who can’t wait to see more, who are spreading the word about us so their friends and family won’t miss our next performance. our actors are getting emails about their performances, and our set crew tell us how wonderful not only the production was to work on, but how lovely it was to work with such talent.

we are still so amazed by how well everything turned out, and how beautiful it was to watch. The Tempest lends itself to being a magical, haunting, and artsy show, and we took full advantage of the talented actors and designers we had involved in this production to make it so.

it’s always such an honor to be a part of something big and collaborative and beautiful. i hope every future hobnob production is just as fabulous as our first two productions have been!

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