this has been a pseudo-summer

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autumn is slowly closing in on us. this summer has been cool and wet. it’s as though spring has overstayed its welcome and summer decided to take a year off.  if you’ve been reading smithical for a while, you know how much i love summer. i love the heat, the humidity, the natural vitamin D, the long days. at least the sun is keep up its end of the bargain this season! the heat, however, is nowhere to be found.

i’m working on being okay with this. autumn was my favorite season for the longest time. these days, it’s a close second to summer (winter is way in last place and probably won’t leave that prestigious slot anytime soon). these past few weeks of cooler-than-normal weather smell like fall. i want to change up my meal planning from grilling and salads to stews and roasted root vegetables. i want the boys to wake up to hot breakfasts instead of cereal on the deck. i’m almost ready to close the pool.

i have a lot to prepare for this coming school year. it’s our sixth year homeschooling, and rowan is entering 4th grade, sawyer 3rd, and adam is dangling between 1st and 2nd (because he’s ahead in some subjects, and on par in others. i won’t know when to label his grade until next year, at least). i took a training class last month for the co-op class that i’ll be tutoring this year at our Classical Conversations campus. i’m tutoring the “Essentials” class, which a mixture of students leaving the grammar stage of the Classical Model of Education, and entering the dialectic/logic stage of the model. this means, i’ll be tutoring in a one-room schoolhouse style, kids from 9-12 years old. We learn English grammar, writing techniques, and drill math facts: thus the title, “Essentials.”  the theory is that these three areas of learning will strengthen students’ learning as they enter the Rhetoric stage of learning. it’s a beautiful thing.

we took last year off of Classical Conversations for several reasons. but i’m glad we’re back to the scheduled weekly co-op with other families doing classical education at home. it’s such a great source of support and so good to get the boys to see that other kids have to do the same torture schoolwork that i make them do.

our school officially starts in two weeks, but i’m ready now. it’s autumn weather, so i’m ready for classes, books, schedules, practicing, and lots of reading. i’m working on s separate blog post with our curriculum choices this year. look for it soon.

it’s going to be a great year!

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