it’s kinda like bringing home a new baby. or two.

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we awoke with the sun….except there was no sun, just lots of clouds and a steady, heavy rain. the sheep arrived at 10:15 this morning, during the heaviest of downpours and we’ve been captivated ever since. we stand inside and outside the fence, watching them frolic, graze and sit down in their abundant shade. my dad’s been having fun all day coming up with clever sheep-related bible verses. he’s cracking himself up. 🙂 daisy and violet joined us today as the first two livestock on our little hobby farm. although…read more


the simple life

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we are enjoying a very busy week this week what with two birthdays and a wedding, parties, rehearsals and perhaps a new car! but our patch of life…our living garden, our chickens and bees, our time to sit and enjoy the homestead we’re building has been a bit neglected as we run from place to place, party to rehearsal, meeting to credit score check. and we’ve been running at this speed since summer started. we have had a few moments to sit and reflect…this morning kenny and i drank our…read more


memorial day: memories of may

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we’ve been outdoors more often than in. the majority of the garden is in (with the exception of the tomato and pepper plants that were eaten by a vole last weekend). we’ve had a long stretch of hot weather and no rain, so we’ve been watering the newly planted garden and flower seedlings every night as the sun sets. it’s one of my favorite times of day – warm and heavy light from the western sky sun.  color is returning to the yard and so is my desire to redo…read more


state bird

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do you know what your state bird is? if it’s a cardinal or a robin, you are one of the fortunate to actually see your state bird on a daily basis. last saturday morning, i was on my way to the gym at dawn. the sky was beginning to lighten, but you couldn’t see the road unless, of course, you had your headlights on. as i was nearing the end of a hill, something appeared in my headlights, LOOKED UP AT ME, and then…well, it was history. if you’ve ever…read more


our sabbath evening craziness

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after a very easy sunday evening meal (rotisserie chicken from giant eagle with mashed potatoes and fresh tomatoes and pickles, both from the garden!), we headed outside before the threat of a thunderstorm. kenny and i were able to throw the aerobie around for about half an hour while the kids ran circles around us and their jungle gym. half an hour of frisbee is quite enough for me, especially after an afternoon of bike-riding, so we decided to sit and watch the boys run circles around us. within seconds…read more


one local summer, week 2

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i missed week one because i couldn’t pull together a meal with strawberries and asparagus – the only two things in season right now! week two will be published at farm to philly. stay tuned for more delicious meal ideas! so i did more searching and purchasing this week. i splurged and went with local meat sold at a local family farm. i’m also leaning on their strawberries this week as we’ll probably be picking and freezing some from another local u-pick farm later in the week for our fall…read more


sunday evening update

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we’ve had several days in the 90s. i’m LOVING it. the first really hot day was thursday, and i basked in the warmth. by the second day (friday), i finally let kenny put the air conditioning on (i think it was the kids yelling over the monitor when i put them down for bed on thursday saying, “mommy, i’m sweaty!” a thousand times that did it for me). we broke out a new wading pool (a frog!), kenny bought a new slip and slide, and by last night, the slip…read more


springtime madness

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despite it being a frigid 50 this past week, we’ve had little outside work to do as nothing is blooming or growing. not even the weeds. fortunately so, as we’ve had our hands tied up with the wildlife. this is what a perfectly good, never-before-used bee frame looks like. this is what you put into a hive box when you start a bee colony:   this is what happens when those dirty rotten black bear scoundrels get their dirty little paws on them: and here’s a close-up: edited to add….kenny…read more


one local summer 2008

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we’re thisclose to getting the plans for our summer garden in. we’ve extended it by several feet this year and we’re still planning which plants and seeds go where. it’s also that time of year to sign up for a very cool summer challenge – one local summer. so all you foodies and gardeners out there…go sign yourselves up and start planning! i’m already thinking of the local farm stands i’ll visit and the recipes we’ll be making with our own garden produce. we recently cheated and bought strawberries at…read more


the mail came early today!

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at 7:19 a.m. this morning the phone rang. it was the post office in our small little town (since the general store closed down last summer, the post office and the methodist church are the only thing in town next to several houses). 10,000 honeybees were waiting for us and i don’t think they wanted to wait until our normal 3:30 pm delivery time to get them out of their office. kenny and rowan hopped in the car and went to pick them up. spraying the screen with sugar water….read more