family resolutions, farm resolutions

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  we got rid of our television before christmas. well, okay – we have a television in our basement but it’s only hooked up to netflix and the boys’ video games. our rule is weekend-only videos/video games, and even the weekend time is limited. i have issues with artificial entertainment, and i’m one of those prudes who sees video games and reality television as just that. artificial, fake, unworthy of our precious time. but that’s not our family resolution. in fact,we kind of fell into this new no-tv living space accidentally…read more


the daisy and violet scarf

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daisy, our blue-faced leicester (white) and violet, our romney sheep (brown) have been shorn twice. last spring, my mom had their fleeces sent to a local fiber artist to clean and spin. after waiting 8 months, we finally received the spun wool! mom gave me a skein of each, so i decided to make a scarf for kenny, who does the majority of the farm work around here, and who also doesn’t mind wearing wool. the sheep are always relieved once their heavy winter coats are gone, and they are…read more


farm update

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the lambs are growing so fast…as they always do. i am finding it harder to catch and lift them like it was so easy to do those first few days. in a few short weeks (even less!), i will no longer be able to lift them up and feel their soft little noses. they will be teenagers, bounding about the pasture without a care in the world. it’s so fun having more than one lamb in the pasture this year (we only had one last year) as we constantly find…read more


weekly wrap-up: the lambing season

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I can’t remember Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Monday is always Classical Conversations and piano lessons, so I know those were done. Tuesday and Wednesday were marked off in my planner as “done,” so I know those were done. But then Thursday happened. I woke at 6:00, as usual. The day was starting off to be dry and bright, so I knew I’d have enough sun by 7:00 to check on the barn animals. I’ve been heading to the barn earlier than normal (normal is anywhere between 8:00 and 9:00)…read more


obligatory monthly farm pictures

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the sheep love to eat, especially when it’s cold. they need as much energy as possible keep warm. yes, that wool keeps them warm, and even the donkey, without the wool, stays warm in the bitter temps. but it helps to stay warm when you’ve had a good amount of hay and water! the animals normally greet us by walking up to the gate when they hear us open and close the house doors. but if the snow is too deep, they wait inside the barn, or meet us at…read more


Hay and Straw

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Yesterday, Kenny and I worked together to stash away our second delivery of hay in the barn (okay, he did all the work, I was merely the hay loft organizer). Hopefully these bales will last us well into spring, so the pasture has time to get thick and juicy for the summer months of grazing. The barn smelled of autumn again, with the addition of these meaty bales of nourishment. With the ice and snow to come today, it was a bit of a tease as it smelled of 60-degree…read more


the chicken who thought she was a sheep

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do you remember this picture? well…we think that one or two of our chicks believe that violet is “mom.” there are one or two chicks who refuse to go into the to coop at night and instead hang out with violet grazing. we believe that she roosts in the barn, near violet. this picture was taken this morning, before the chicks were let out of the coop. obviously that chick spent the night outside the coop. with the sheep. i wonder if she’ll bawk or bleat?


homesteading year 4, part 1: expectations

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for the first year living up here, we did nothing except try to plant a garden (didn’t happen) and had a baby (adam!). that was a lot for us, so we took it easy the fall and winter of our first year. but plans started picking up the following spring and we dove head-first into homesteading our little plot of land out here in the rolling hills of western pennsylvania! that next spring, we ordered and DROVE to ohio to pick up our 15 egg-laying chicks. they were still wet…read more


7 quick takes

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1. my “little” brother is in town. he spoke at a conference in TheBigCity and now he’s spending a few days up here in the boondocks. Rowan, Sawyer and Adam are monopolozing his time by climbing on his shoulders, coloring him pictures and cards, and planning out his entire schedule. Yesterday, they took him to Playthings Etc their favorite store ever, and the swimming pool, where we were only one of two families there (warm and sunny! where were all the people?). today they plan on getting in 18 holes…read more