Smithically Speaking ~ Episode 7: The Blue Zone

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Today’s episode is brought to you by Hygge Coffee Co. Get 10% off your order by clicking on the Hygge Coffee Logo.   Support this podcast by signing up for a free 30-day trial. Click on the Audible image to the left to get your free download now.   In our second conversation, Heidi and I deep-dive into how our own families and communities can adopt heart-healthy and mind-healthy living. Discussed in today’s podcast… The Blue Zone Solutions Dan Buettner Moai Groups (Okinawa) Bringing the Blue Zone ideology into your life:…read more

Smithically Speaking: Episode 6 ~ Health, Hygge, Happiness (with Heidi)

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Today’s episode is brought to you by Hygge Coffee Co. Get 10% off your order by clicking on the Hygge Coffee Logo. We begin our series on the topic of Health, Hygge, and Happiness, by getting to know Heidi a little bit and understanding where she gets her passion for all things Health and Hygge. This week, we focus on the healthy side of happiness – suggestions Heidi has for those of us who need to know how to get started on a happier, healthier lifestyle or encouraging those of…read more

the meal table

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i have noted before that it is nothing short of magic what happens when friends – new and old – family, and even strangers are gathered around a table of food and drink. some would like to blame it on the alcohol, but i credit the euphoria on the flavors of food and drink that humans share together around a table. some of my favorite recent memories are hosting meals around our farm table in our dining room. even before i redecorated the room (now a cool colonial blue), our…read more



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it’s been so long since last i blogged that i actually forgot my login password. january was my last post, and it’s been the longest time between posts, ever. i’m always thinking of blog posts, always churning ideas around in my head, but never sitting down to write. this was a particularly long and tiring winter. this spring has been unusually wet and cold. memorial day weekend marked the beginning of the longest stretch of warm weather, and it started out with a cold frost. i guess i could fill…read more


game night and chocolate-peanut butter

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i’ve already blogged about our fabulous day in the city last saturday, but i haven’t yet told you about the fun evening we had the night before. the marquiss clan invited us over for dinner and game night friday night. we then spent the night since they’re only a few minutes from downtown where we could breakfast-and-museum on saturday. after a fantastic grilled steak and veggie with salad dinner they served, we spent the evening watching a play that our kids performed, passed out cookies for their dessert and then…read more



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A few weeks ago, kenny forwarded me an email with this story of a family and their miracle baby boy. His email read, “Liz, This is incredble…I taught these kids when I taught in Hagerstown, MD!” and it took me a minute to realize he was referring to the parents in the story.  Kenny was a high school English and Grammar teacher right out of college for three years before he moved to Pittsburgh and started his current career in software. When he saw the story, he realized that this was…read more


Seven Quick Takes

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Join Jennifer at Conversion Diary every Friday for 7 Quick Takes! I admit, this is only 6 quick takes. This serves more of a “catch-up” post as I’ve lots to talk about, but never the OOMPH to sit and post. Tonight, my husband is partying with some bachelors (um…all married men, except this weekend’s groom), so I have time to sit and type while the boys play. And eat pizza and drink rootbeer: their own little bachelor party! Kenny and I are training for a 5K in August. I’ve always…read more


week in review: VBS and ichiban

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this past week, the boys spent their mornings at the little local church doing vacation bible school (VBS). it was the first year that adam was old enough to join them and the first time EVER that i had a whole week of three hours of kid-free time. i spent the entire three hours wondering if i would get a call from the teacher asking me to come pick someone up…or worrying that they weren’t having enough fun (although i KNEW they were having a blast as they always do…read more


a shout OUT!

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my friend Jill is an artist-momma who lives very close by. we were college roommates (in cold, cold MI), did some acting together, but more importantly, we both drove Hondas. we have great college memories. she and her husband and two kids live just about 45 minutes from us. he spends the day speaking spanish on a college level while her two cute kids do things like meet us at the zoo for lunch. jill was an elementary art teacher in her former life, and now she mothers, creates, plans…read more


4 november 2007: the bridge

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kenny has been very busy over the past few months preparing for something that began last night, and that we hope continues and grows on into the future. with the help of friends and other church members, we started a saturday evening service for church members and anyone outside the church who wants to check it out to worship. the service is based on “an order of worship for the evening” so communion is not included. however, the service concludes with a free meal for everyone, so communion happens, just…read more