friday stream of conscience…

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we’ve been going at full speed all week long. i feel a bit like a drill sergeant at times keeping the boys just one little step ahead of our full schedule this year. i need someone to keep me ahead of the schedule too, but nobody applied for the job, so i’m on my own. this morning is friday, and i’m dragging. i’m feeling the need for a recharge of my batteries. i snapped at the boys because they can’t keep their room clean and they keep dragging dirt in…read more


curtains, and a new office

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i love this piece of material. i bought it for $2 at the salvation army fabric sale a few years ago with serina and have kept it in mind for curtains in my “office” after we redesigned the room. i never thought to measure. i’m not a measuring type sewer. i know that sounds like blasphemy to all the sewers out there, but when it comes to sewing, i wing it. a lot. and i hate patterns. that flimsy tear-easy paper that comes with patterns? those lines all over that…read more


a day in the life…

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tuesday, february 2012 6:00 ~ wake up. the past two days kenny and i have been waking at 5:00, so we slept in a bit this morning, which got him off to work a bit later.  i get up, get a cup of coffee while he makes his breakfast. 6:30 ~ kenny leaves for work, and i have a quiet house for at least the next 2 hours. i start some laundry, sit at the computer to read blogs, write a blog post, check facebook, and read the news. then…read more


thirty one days/day 3 ~ liturgy for our daily work

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there are days when it comes so easily, so naturally – words of gratitude from my lips, for all the fullness of life around me: i’m a mother, a wife, a teacher, a homekeeper. other times, and sometimes more often than not, i need a bit of coaxing to be thankful for the fullness, the mess, the chaos: another sink full of dishes, another messy table from a chaotic meal, and a full dishwasher waiting to be emptied for the second time in one day: the motions of a busy home….read more

laundry room makeover, part 2

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(Click on pictures to see larger view) You can refer to this post to see more “before” pictures, but here is a reminder of some “before” photos of the old laundry room…fake paneling on a wall, decades-old smelly cupboards, and white beige linoleum flooring with “enlongated” hospital grade toilet: And two “after pictures” to show you what we’ve gotten done over the weekend, including changing our minds about cleaning the old toilet versus buying a new one, discovering how poor a product Pergo actually is, and finding no structural needs…read more



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it’s that time again…demolition and home improvement! we’ve redone many of the rooms in this house, and yet, there’s always more to do!  i remember walking into this house for the first time and seeing the potential. i knew that we’d be painting or redoing every single room in the house when we bought it…and we’re slowly but surely getting there! the first floor laundry room/bathroom has old, cracked linoleum flooring that has been drenched in urine over and over again. i cannot get the stench out since it’s UNDER…read more


seven quick takes ~ mental health friday

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for the past few weeks, rowan has been asking for a “day off of school” to which i always responded, “you get TWO full days off every week!” i think it was beginning to dawn on him that “snow day” meant NO SCHOOL for those who go to school, and not just “it’s snowing today! let’s do math!” so today at 10:30, after i spent two hours cleaning out the boys closet and drawers, i decided that today was a no school day. rowan was overjoyed with the news. he…read more


kitchen sink beautification

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we’ve been under a thick, heavy blanket of snow since early last week. it’s thursday, and i haven’t left the house since last saturday. neither have the boys. the wind chill has been in the single digits, so sledding has kinda been out of the question, kenny has had horrible commutes to work which means i’m not driving anywhere! fortunately, we all like each other enough that we’re not sick of each other. but i was getting a little tired of my surroundings. so…. i read a blog post sometime…read more


school recap…a week in december

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i honestly have no idea what week we’re in. again. i know i said that last time, but since we don’t have to (legally) keep track just yet, i don’t. we’ve been unschooling this week and it’s been FUN. i don’t think i could unschool all the time, but from the end of november until epiphany, i feel it’s entirely appropriate. and there are just some aspects of it i will keep through the rest of the school year. namely: math games: our math has games instead of drills, math…read more


school recap, week 9: the “all hallow’s eve” edition!

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i hope to recap each or at least every other week of school this year so i have a better record of things we’ve done. pictures at the end of the post!  want to read more weekly wrap-ups of other homeschooling families?  check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers every Friday! we love halloween in our family. i consider it the official kickoff of the holiday season. the boys look forward to trick-or-treating beginning in november. yes, they talk about their costumes for 11 months straight. and their plans change with their interests…read more