and the week goes on and on and on…

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we’ve been under a thick layer of snow since monday. i know that “thick” is relative as new england is under feet and we’re under mere inches. but if i can’t see the grass, then it doesn’t matter how many inches or feet is there: snow is snow is snow, and it means boots and gloves and hats and heavy coats that make strapping three boys into three carseats difficult and it also means the endless puddles of melted snow after a five second walk from the car. oops, sorry,…read more


the most influential musician of all time

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well, in my world at least. i know i’ve mentioned him before, but he has just released a new cd (i still write “album” instead of “cd.” i’m a child of the 80s, what can i say?), so he’s due more accolades from me. because he’s not going to make “the today show” and “the view” rounds promoting his new cd. he’s just not that type. so for all three of you who read my blog, take it from me: you’re going to want to buy his latest cd. martin…read more