last momma in the woods

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Disclaimer:  I do not pretend to know everything about raising a family and educating at home.  I will never say that our way is better than your way.  I will only ever write about what is working for us, hoping it will inspire just one person out there who is reading.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never be within doors when you can rightly be without. ~Charlotte Mason We played in our woods last night. They’ve been there since we moved here nine years ago (and long before that!), and occasionally the boys go into them….read more

this has been a pseudo-summer

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autumn is slowly closing in on us. this summer has been cool and wet. it’s as though spring has overstayed its welcome and summer decided to take a year off.  if you’ve been reading smithical for a while, you know how much i love summer. i love the heat, the humidity, the natural vitamin D, the long days. at least the sun is keep up its end of the bargain this season! the heat, however, is nowhere to be found. i’m working on being okay with this. autumn was my…read more


christmas tree 2012

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it’s been 8 whole days since we put up our Christmas Tree 2012…and still, no blog pictures! last sunday, we had about a half inch of snow fall in the morning, and by afternoon, it was sunny and slightly warmed (to the upper 30s!). perfect weather for christmas tree cutting!  we headed out to our local christmas tree farm and within 10 minutes of walking around, found our perfect tree. our first year in this house, we went BIG with our tree. after all, we have 9-foot ceilings, why not…read more


first day of fall, 2012

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fall has always been my favorite season, even as summer has been moving up in the ranks quickly. i love crisp weather, flannel sheets, the smell of campfire in the air, and the obvious gorgeous colors on the trees. this is how we rang in the first day of fall this year: pumpkin cookies – i added a candy corn on top of each cookie (i love candy corn. and peeps. yes, i have very childish taste in candy). gingerbread pancakes for the boys before they took off for soccer. and gingersnap…read more


christmas, 2011

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all he wanted to know was what i wanted for christmas this year. and i gave him an earful about how i don’t want any gifts or presents, and that i think we should just do away with the whole gift-giving part of christmas forever because it makes me so uncomfortable anymore. my husband knows better than to agree with my crazy whims. so he just smiled and never brought the subject up again. i made it very difficult on him without realizing i was doing so. i thought i’d…read more


when Advent is turned upside-down

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as you can tell, i’m rehashing old blog posts because i got nothing new this Advent. so, i dedicate this post to all of us who have grand plans for observing a solemn Advent, and celebrating a joyous Christmas….and end up changing because that’s what life gives you. i’m learning that you just gotta roll with it most days. so here is another older Advent post from a few years ago. ~~~~~ (originally posted december 10, 2007) mondays in advent advent sundays are so fun…they’re feast days, so fun happens.  last…read more


in the bleak midwinter…

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i was planning to do some christmas baking and all of our shopping over the past two weeks. but at least one, and sometimes two, members of our family has been sick since last monday (if you’re counting, that’s 10 days now). it was the stomach virus, and now some really high-fever congestion/cold thing. i was also planning to do our tradition St. Nicholas “delivery of gifts in secret” on St. Nicholas day last week, and celebrate St. Lucia today.  but when at least two of the family members in…read more


preparing for the preparation…

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i went grocery shopping this morning and was amazed at how crazy the store was. the balloon turkey decoration next to the lit christmas tree was slightly jarring, but maybe i’m just being persnickety. i thought the grocery shopping craze happened the monday- wednesday before Thanksgiving, not two weeks before? i am vowing right now that i’m going to treat this coming weekend and week as normal, and not as crazy preparation for a fun Thanksgiving celebration. how about you? we’ve been observing Advent in our home for the past…read more


revolutionize Christmas

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in the past, i’ve blogged every day in november.  i don’t know if you noticed, but….i kinda had a “31 days fail” event this past october. so i won’t be repeating that mistake this november! but i do love blogging during this season…the cozy thanksgiving days, the solace found in Advent’s hopeful waiting, and the joy of Christmas. before we get into this season’s crop of thanksgiving, advent, and christmas posts, i have a huge admission to make: the christmas season makes me anxious. don’t get me wrong: i love everything…read more


starting school…

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…but not for two weeks yet! i’m so glad that we’re still in full summer mode here because i would be completely distracted if i had to “do school” right now. i’m considering a very organic, easy-going start to school in a few weeks’ time, when i can finally put summer behind me and “get excited” about falling temperatures, feeling stuck inside, and non-grilled food for 6 months. we are nearly ready with all of our curriculum, but actual planning has fallen by the wayside as our busy summer has…read more