What is Saving Your Life now?

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Modern Mrs Darcy reminded me this morning of a great question that Barbara Brown Taylor was given to answer in a speech she was giving.  Brown writes about this experience in her eye-opening and soul-soothing novel, Leaving Church.  I agree that it is one question that is good for us to return to often.  Especially in these winter months (I seem to not be able to write about winter without using the word, “bleak”). Here is what is Saving my Life Right now: Shared Hygge, with friends who get it…read more

a list. because….writer’s block.

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Making : christmas ornaments.  i’m cross-stitching old-world santas for ornaments, beginning to gather material for a christmas tree quilt, and crocheting snowflakes. also, i’m pinning several projects for making cone-shaped christmas trees. and i’m already counting the days until the day after thanksgiving so i can begin decorating again. i think i have a problem. Cooking : in my new Instant Pot. this week, i made an indian meal that actually tasted restaurant-worthy.  Butter Chicken (Kenny calls it Chicken Makhni) with rice and naan for the gluten-eaters. Drinking : coffee now….read more

antique comfort

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Kenny and I have always loved antiques.  When we were dating, one of our favorite things to do was drive out of the city into a country setting and find antique stores and browse for hours.  The first thing we ever bought was a sterling silver candelabra in Bedford, Pa. When we were looking at engagement rings, we looked strictly at antique diamonds and settings, and we both wear antique rings as our wedding bands.  On our honeymoon in Deep Creek, Maryland, we bought our antique china closet, and our fifth christmas…read more

get your Hygge on

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  January and February are my least favorite months of the year.  After months of cozy evenings snuggled up with tea, hot chocolate, blankets, books, Christmas music, and movies…the cold air has turned bitter and there is nothing to look forward to but the warm sun that won’t return for at least another four months. At least in our neck of the woods. This is the time of year that Kenny and I start talking about our garden.  What veggies and flowers we’ll be planting in what location of the…read more


best books of 2016

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Reading is still one of my favorite ways to spend my time.  It’s the introvert’s dream…to be a spectator in a world you don’t have to physically participate in. My reading challenge on Goodreads was to read 50 books in the year 2016.  I read about 56 books.  I lowered my book reading challenge to 40 for 2017 because I want to read more substantial books this year.  The thick ones that I won’t be able to finish in a few evenings. 2016 was the third year in a row that…read more


Vanilla Chia Flax Oats

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This is really for me to remember this recipe as I made it up on a whim this morning, and it turned out great!  I was at Sams Club yesterday and passed by this delicious-looking breakfast treat:   The main ingredient (rye flakes) has gluten, so I couldn’t purchase it.  Sigh. And of course, I woke up this morning still thinking about how delicious it would be – all those nutty, wholesome, delicious flavors bursting with protein. So I gathered my ingredients and came up with my own. And it…read more


books of 2015

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Since January of 2015, I have kept a photographic journal of the books I read, in order, through the year.  I will continue this through this next year since i really enjoyed keeping up with a list.  I think it also helped me not to get in a reading rut…not knowing what to read next.  I follow podcasts and read book lists and look at others’ recommendations to line up my next books.  I don’t have a specific theme in the books I read…I only read what looks interesting to…read more

a kitchen renovation, a long time in the making…

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this is a story of a kitchen that just wasn’t working for us.  now, the kitchen is what sold me on the house in the first place when we bought it 9 1/2 years ago, but we knew right away that we would be re-doing it eventually. our kitchen does a lot.  we cook, eat, socialize, and school in it.  it’s the warmest room in the house during the winter months.  but it was just so….ugly. go ahead and take a look at these before photos (pardon the dark first…read more


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for the past eight months, i’ve immersed myself in reading.  fiction, theatrical plays, non-fiction, even cookbooks. sometimes what goes on in our outside world gets too big and checking out, into a story imagined by a writer, is a pretty simple and easy way to drown out all the noise. i’ve been keeping a photographic journal of the books i’m reading on Facebook. i am the “model reader” in this household.  my family sees me with my nose in a book a lot.  that hasn’t mysteriously turned any of them into readers…read more

a day in the (still) life

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I am not a visual artist. I can’t sketch or draw, my water colors blend into a big blob of brown….but oh how i love watching the boys, unhindered, paint whatever is in their heart. so i choose to join them this year.  instead of setting them up with paints and then leaving the room to start on lunch or dinner, i’m sitting down and getting my paint on, too. i may not share my masterpieces with you…but sharing them with the boys is enough joy. what are you digging…read more